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The Internet is a game changing tool for collecting leads, closing sales, and growing you business. But like most business owners, you may find it difficult to know what really works. We’re here to change that, by giving you simple, actionable ideas on how to get more leads for your business. Sign up now for your free email course5 Things Every Business Can Fix on Their Website in the Next Week to Accelerate Leads

Online Business Tips: Make Your Website Work for You

The Power of Email Marketing

People shopping online do not always seek human contact in the initial phase of their purchasing process. This may be because they are reluctant to risk somebody trying to hard sell them

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Get Your Content Out There

to get found in search engines, you need to have content. That means is you need to write stuff that people want to read. But writing’s not for everyone …

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Achieve Better Content Readability

Content readability is crucial in making sure your readers keep reading your posts, and coming back for more. Yoast have just made it easier for us to maintain this important discipline.

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Save Time with Business Automation

Doing work You create value for the customers who use your business by doing the things you are good at, better than others. And they will pay you to do these for them. Getting paid But they only pay you, of course, once you have added them to your address book,...

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Systems Working? Vital Site Checks

No system is perfect. Things can and do go wrong. You can fix breaks and mistakes of course, and everything will be fine again. But to fix problems, you must first know they exist. That’s why it’s important to have checklists in place to make sure...

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Who REALLY Controls Your Site?

As a business owner, it’s very important that you make sure your IT infrastructure will keep running, no matter what. Even though in a regular business scenario it’s unlikely that any of your IT guys would behave maliciously, people can fall out of contact...

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How can AlphaPress help you?

Attract More Traffic

We build lightning fast websites that look good on all screens, for a lasting impression on your customers. Easily edit pages, add blog posts, answer customer questions. Creating content, get found by Google.

Generate More Leads

We’ll show you how to engage customers to build trust and boost sales, with calls-to-action. We can also boost leads-per-dollar for paid ads with landing pages to increase the leads your getting from your traffic.

Close More Sales

Next focus is improving sales per lead by automating marketing workflow. Improved communications helps to build trust and establish your authority. Focusing on service and quality, to avoid competing on price.

Websites, Built to Attract More Traffic

We build lightning fast websites that look good on all devices. But that’s just our starting point. You also need to generate traffic, convert leads and close sales. We help you achieve this with a site design that guides users towards your goals, and tight integration with marketing systems that will help you build a relationship with your customers.

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Landing Pages to Generate More Leads

When you’re spending on paid ads to drive customers to your site, you want to convert as many as possible into leads. We use landing pages and conversion rate optimisation with A/B testing to increase the leads your getting from your traffic. Landing pages remove distractions, sell your value proposition and focus on convincing browsers to commence communication with you.

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Close More Sales with Marketing Automation

It’s a fact that most people who visit your site will leave without buying. On average, only 2% of website visitors ever become leads. The other 98% will leave your site and possibly never return. By adding automated email marketing with opt-in prompts, you can initiate contact with potential customers, to gain and nurture leads and grow your sales.  

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